Integration of Madeira Vialitoral and the SGM System

Project Technical Description

The integration process between the Vialitoral application and the SGM system implied:

1. Setup new service for subscription by the target user in the SGM system. This configuration is done via visual web interface on the SGM backoffice. Minimum information required is:

  • Base definition of the type(s) of message(s) to send;
  • Template definition for each message associated with the new service;
  • Available communication channels (SMS, Mail, etc.);
  • Price per message;
  • Type of content to include in each message

2. Messages’s content to use and how to send it from Vialitoral to SGM


The implementation of the integration between the two systems required an effort at ViaLitoral side:

1. Identify type of exportable information:

  • Roadway cuts;
  • Traffic congestion;
  • Road works that may disrupt normal movement of vehicles

2. Changing the original application in order to allow operators of the Control Center to register all the information identified for exportation:

  • Changing the format of the form filling of occurrence for recording operations of type ” “Start roadway cut” and “End roadway cut”

3, Implementation of the mechanism for collecting the relevant data in the database of Via Litoral ;

4. Re-formatting the collected information to generate multi -language events:

  • In this context it was necessary to pre-define a new table on the data source to apply to the template to each type of record

5. Service deployment of propagation of the collected data for the SGM system (the Watch Data Collector service):

  • Invocation of the external SGM web-service used to explicitly export events;
  • Configuration of the periodical schedule for activation of the collector service;
  • In this context was considered the possibility that in a crisis or emergency, spread immediately and explicitly from the Control Center ( all or specific ) information for all subscribers of the service notification.


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