Madeira Via Expresso- Express Road Holding Management System

Project Technical Description

This project is based on the solution implemented from scratch for the application Vialitoral (see details).

Few changes were introduced particularly regarding to the characteristics of expresso roads administered by Madeira Via Expresso:

Multiple road ways

The structure of representation of data and reports produced in order to deal with the existence of multiple roadways was upgraded. With this change, the system is now prepared for the indexation of the different occurrences to the structure of the network under concession by VIAEXPRESSO.

Off-road routes

Since the network concessioned to VIAEXPRESSO is not continuous, this system is now prepared to deal with the realization of travels outside the network by the the patrol vehicules (named as VA).

Additional data in registers

The system was extented to support additional information on the text of the event registers. New types of events were also considered.


The existence of roundabouts on the network concessioned to VIAEXPRESSO implied adapting the system to deal with the events and proceedings in these pathways.

Macro-instructions for VA’s

After analysis of the control process in the VA’s VIAEXPRESSO, it was identified that the introductions given to teams are less detailed than in the VIALITORAL system. Particular instructions can be given which are reflected in various operations on more than one road ways. With this amendment resulted in a simpler interface for the control center operator’s, enabling it to maintain current procedures while providing an correct recording of information in the system.

Multi-roadway login

The existing system is now prepared for the association of each operator of the control center with several roadways: the authentication process was changed and their effects reflected on the recording of occurrences.

Optimization of the Control Center Panel

Given the structure of the network concessioned to VIAEXPRESSO and specificities identified, the system was adapted for optimization: the existing control panel of the application is now more intuitive and effective.