Amadeus Portugal WS- Travel Agent and e-Power Plataform

Project Technical Description

Creation of central web services in the context of creating a generic website Travel Agency, using the Joomla Platform and Amadeus e-Power.


The set of web services for the project Amadeus Portugal includes:

Amadeus e-Power Log WS

Development of a web service for Amadeus Portugal that registers the search history of travel agencies over the international platform e-Power, allowing subsequently to identify the most popular destinations for each origin city;

In addition, associated with the logging service a robot routine was implemented.This robot invokes research on e-Power plataform to ensure a minimum number of entries in the log for several domestic cities and destinations relevant (defined by Amadeus Portugal).

Amadeus e-Power Top Destinations WS

Development of a web service to send to travel agencies information related to the top destinations. This information will be displayed on the site of those travel agencies.

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